Portrait: Lachiel Vaher AKA The Source

The Source:

Official Title: Diabolic Source of Progeny
Preferred Form of Address: My Source
Avatar Name: lachiel.vaher
Rez Day: November 18, 2008
Languages: English ( native ), Chinese ( basic)
Timezone: UTC-05:00

The Diabolic Source of all supernatural creatures in the Progeny Universe.

ĹÀÇĦÍËĿ is a Devil, some say he was a lieutenant in the army of Lucifer during the “First War”, others say he was merely one of Michael's servants who had the misfortune to spill a cup of Nectar on the Arch Angel’s finest slippers. Regardless of the truth, ĹÀÇĦÍËĿ found himself a denizen of Hell after the conclusion of the great conflict, and furthermore was himself in agreement with Lucifer’s statement " Better to reign in Hell than serve in Heaven ".

Becoming an Arch Devil ĹÀÇĦÍËĿ honed his innate mystical ability to augment the supernatural aspects of the mortal realm. Having studied the folklore of the worlds above and mysteries of the realms below, he decided his first creation would be the Vampires of old. Thus, having fashioned a diabolic blood taint, he used this to create the first six creatures that would later become known as the original Arch Vampires, each of these individuals chosen for his or her own unique abilities and personality were given, according to his grand design, directive to spread in an orderly fashion, evil within the mortal realm. Some of these original 6 did not survive the strain of the ages so several new Arch Vampires were periodically created from the most worthy of Vampire Progeny to fill the ranks.

While ĹÀÇĦÍËĿ feels that all vampires that prowl the moonlight allies and darkest bowers are in fact his children, the Arch vampires are his Direct offspring, though not sired, they are in fact transmuted though the magic of blood, fire and soul plasem. Each of these unique vampiric creatures is then imbued with the heart of potency that allows each to become the progenitor of their own blood line of vampires.

Down through the ages the offspring of ĹÀÇĦÍËĿ’s progeny have grown in population, Vampire nations known as Clans were formed, smaller social groups congealed into the Great Houses. Eventually the effort to maintain so many blood ties to the under realms became too great for one Devil even one such as the Source is to manage alone, not to mention the isolation of Hell with only the fires of Soul Plasem to keep him company, The Source as he is often referred to by his progeny elected to great brethren unto himself. Diabolics near enough in power and ability to aid him in the sewing of evil seeds of vampirism though the mortal realm, and the care and nurturing of his existing flock of Children.

As with the events that lead to the “First War” eons ago, eventually when working with creatures possessing most of his own powers, a power struggle emerged. And some of his Diabolics chose to leave and form their own kingdoms in the Helscape, While saddened by the conflict and departure of those most dear to him. The Source could not find it in himself to annihilate them and thus they remain those Devils, though stripped of their ability to influence the realms of ĹÀÇĦÍËĿ’s progeny, perhaps one day the offspring of ĹÀÇĦÍËĿ and the offspring of these rebel devils may cross, in the meantime, new powerful Diabolics have been cast and forced by fire, and the administration of Hellish business is being done at a furious pace, The Future is gloomy, the kind of gloomy we of the under realms find so appealing and irresistible.



Role at Grave Designs

Lachiel originally founded Grave Designs as a brand for his building projects along with the founding of his first Evernight vampire themed residential SIM. During the early days of forming his first SIM, Lachiel joined several vampires system including Blood Lines, Hunger, Vitae, CCS and others, finding that while some had some great ideas, none of them met with what he was looking for in the form of a Roleplaying Environment.

Progeny Vampire was founded out of the frustration Lachiel experienced in those early days. While the early design and planning happened on the original Evernight sim, the first HUD was not created until Evernight 2 was founded ( after a short absence from SL ).

At Grave Designs Lachiel Focuses his efforts on the development of business logic for the Progeny System and other projects. Including but not limited to, C#, PHP, Java, JavaScript, AS3 and SQL. In addition to programing Lachiel oversees all other aspects of the progeny system though a great deal of day to date interaction with the community is now delegated to the Diabolics, Arch Vampires and other GD sponsored offices.



Personality Behind The Source ( Lachiel Vaher )

The personality behind Lachiel, is a 46 Year old Software engineer who was born and raised in southeastern Indiana, moved to California in his late 30 and then to mainland china for the last 10 years.

I now lives near Boston Ma with my two boys, and in addition to working on Grave Designs Projects, continues to support and develop educational software for his RL company.

I got my first exposure to Roleplaying at the age of 12 when a neighborhood friend invited him after school one day to play Dungeons and Dragons. I was obsessed with D&D and then AD&D all though high school. During the university years I played mostly Fantasy Hero, and Rolemaster at a gaming club called CSGCI in Indianapolis In. years later I played Vampire the Masquerade, and then VtM Larp in Cincinnati Oh.

My favorite vampire novels: 

  • The Vampire Lestat by Ann Rice
  • The Awakening by John Russo.

Favorite Books Ever: 

  • Dantie’s Inferno
  • To Reign in Hell by Steven Burst

Source of The Source: back in the very early days of Progeny Vampre ( then called Vampire: Progeny ) I discovered that most new vampire candidates wanted to be sired by me personally, even though an Arch Vampire had introduced them to the system and was offering to embrace them. That coupled with the fact that I had far too much power over the system to RP a vampire myself, I came up with the idea that Lachiel was The Devil or A Devil, the Title “the Source” is an homage to “Charmed” because Alyssa Milano was just hot!

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