Progeny: Vampire Hud & Fangs

Vampire Bite IconIn the world of Progeny: Vampire, all vampires need a HUD and Fangs in order to interact with others in Second Life, The HUD and Fangs are core system components and delivered automatically free of charge when an avatar is lucky enough to get embraced into the system.

When should I get my HUD and Fangs?
Your HUD & Fangs kit should be delivered within a few minutes of your embrace. If your kit doesn’t arrive promptly ask your Sire to contact the scribes office or your patron diabolic for assistance, you can also journey to the nearest Progeny temple and sit upon the Altar there in order to re-schedule the auto deliver.

My HUD stopped working or is always dove’d, what can I do?
This Is the result of a known bug that will hopefully be addressed in the next release, if your HUD or Fangs stop responding just go to the nearest progeny temple and get a new set.

Can I buy a set of HUD and Fangs?
No, you can’t buy what’s free. Progeny: Vampire is invitation only, meaning you have to be embraced into the system by an existing vampire.

Can I use my HUD without the fangs?
The HUD has limited functionality without a set of fangs attached.

Can I attach multiple HUDs and Fangs for more rapid bites?
No the system may “say” the additional fangs or HUDs are active. But only one HUD and one set of Fangs can be actively paired at any given point in time. The last Fangs active will listen only to the last HUD to be added.


* Second Life is a Trademark of Linden Labs

** Progeny: Vampire & Progeny: System are Trademarks of ^Grave Designs^

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