Nestis Ruby-Carthage

      Do not think me as ancient as you might presume. For a time in my human life I had called Charlottesville, Virginia my home. I was born to a French aristocratic family of sorts whom had migrated to the newly declared United States in the latter part of the 1700’s. To most of our kind I can be mistaken for young as I was only brought across in the year of our Lord, eighteen hundred and five. But, have no doubt; I was groomed for this roll since birth. The order in which I reign, provided me with the education that only most can dream of. 

    I can never remember a time where my adventurous self did not land me in some sort of trouble. My chaperones and mentors hated me for some time.  Restless and still wet behind the ears, (as far as vampires lives go) I decided to brave the frontier without shelter from my true enemy, the sun. I traveled to the west first, only to encounter the less fortunate Donner party. (Laughs silently to myself wallowing in my memories) I stayed in California for a great many years. It was too easy to feed on the drunken miners or the opium ridden Chinese workers. Eventually I got tired of the sorted buffet and decided to move back to something that more resembled my human roots. New Orleans always had such a vibrant agenda to offer but I have found that nothing had sustained my thirst for long.  As always, I had grown weary of the scenery far too quickly as I had this consummate desire to seek out new things.  I’ve lived in far too many countries over the last couple of centuries. I have seen far too many deplorable acts to turn back my jaded mind.  In my youth I can recall an anger that pulsed through my veins freely. But As I have matured and taken upon my duties as Arch, I have learned compassion and patience. I have tried to become a mentor, mother, and compatriot to most. To the others, well there is a reason your hairs stand on the back of your neck when I enter your presence..




Virescit Vulnere Virtus



Nestis Ruby

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