Greater Diabolic, Patron Diabolic of the Devils' Advocates


Official Title: Greater Diabolic
Preferred Form of Address: Diabolic Lucifer
Avatar Name: esotericeon
Rez Day: October 6, 2013
Languages: English ( native ) 

“Awake, arise or be for ever fall’n.” ― John Milton, Paradise Lost. And so I did. Damned to wretched incarnation within mortal flesh, I took it as a fair trade to be farthest from the kin below, to whom betrayed me, and the wretched tyranny above, who oppressed us.

The premise remains true, though the details are false. For many reasons, was the Fall driven by. Pride. Love. Lust. Passion. Prophecy. With that, it was an inevitable the moment the snake was greeted by the raccoon. Since then, with lifetimes of returning, I submitted to convoluted binds of emotion and remain bound to a curse that only undid itself a short time before the the unholy blessing of The Source, Lord Lachiel.

Melancholy crumbles and the truth glares in its purist of incomprehensible blackness. This is the message I spread with vindictive sincerity, and with that comes the recognition that supporting the Unholy Gift of Lachiel, as well as pushing for the presence of other beings, is the ultimate goal for fulfillment as they will grant greatness to replace the shortcomings in Mortals. It is with this service that I give my allegiance to the community, that I may serve for proactive development and progress, and it is in this service that I will be a weaver.


Granted the honor of a position as a Greater Diabolic, my practical role centers on publishing and producing media products outside of the confines of Second Life.

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